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GRE Word List


give or take milk at the breast or udder

The meaning of the word suckle is give or take milk at the breast or udder.

Random words

extenuateweaken; mitigate; lessen the seriousness of (bad behavior)
suppliantentreating; beseeching; N.
fecundityfertility; fruitfulness; ADJ. fecund: very productive of crops or young
perfunctorydone routinely and with little care; superficial; not thorough; lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm; Ex. perfunctory kiss
metallurgicalpertaining to the art of removing metals from ores; N. metallurgy: science that deals with extracting metals from ores
jabpoke abruptly with something sharp; punch with short blows
affluenceabundance; wealth
tortuouswinding; full of curves; Ex. tortuous mountain road
rousinglively; inducing excitement; stirring; V. rouse: waken; arouse from sleep or depression; excite; stir up