GRE Word List


the quality or state of being full : completeness

The meaning of the word plenitude is the quality or state of being full : completeness.

Random words

topographythe art or practice of graphic delineation in detail usually on maps or charts of natural and man-made features of a place or region especially in a way to show their relative positions and elevations
looma frame or machine for interlacing (see interlace
witticisma cleverly witty and often biting or ironic remark
fractioustending to be troublesome : unruly
inevitableincapable of being avoided or evaded
missilecapable of being thrown or projected to strike a distant object
blunthaving an edge or point that is not sharp
insubordinationdisobedient to authority
bentunenclosed grassland
reminiscenceapprehension of a Platonic idea as if it had been known in a previous existence