GRE Word List


expressing possibility; latent; N: capacity for growth

The meaning of the word potential is expressing possibility; latent; N: capacity for growth.

Random words

avalanchegreat mass of falling snow and ice
repulsereject with rudeness or coldness (an offer or friendship); drive back (an enemy attack); CF. repulse $\neq$ cause repulsion
acclaimapplaud; praise; greet with great approval; announce with great approval; Ex. The new drung has been acclaimed as the most important discoveries for years; N: strong expression of approval and praise
solicitousanxious; worried; concerned; eager; Ex. solicitous to do something; N. solicitude
endorseapprove; support; write one's signature on the back of; N. endorsement; CF. dorsal
determinationresolve; firmness of purpose; measurement or calculation; decision
emblazonornament richly (a shield or flag); N. emblazonment
pastrypaste of flour and water (eaten when baked)
senilityold age; feeblemindedness of old age; ADJ. senile: resulting from old age; showing the weakness of body or mind from old age; Ex. senile dementia