GRE Word List


calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics

The meaning of the word actuarial is calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics.

Random words

prognosisforecasted course of a disease; prediction; CF. prognostic
irreconcilableimpossible to reconcile; incompatible; not able to be resolved
inclementstormy; unkind; unmerciful; CF. clement
effervescenceinner excitement or exuberance; showing high spirits; emitting bubbles forming inside; bubbling from fermentation or carbonation; ADJ. effervescent; V. effervesce
rapaciousvoracious; ravenous; taking everything one can; excessively grasping; plundering; subsisting on live prey; Ex. rapacious birds
paroxysmfit or attack of pain, laughter, rage; sudden outburst
animadversioncritical remark; V. animadvert: comment critically with disapproval
diffidenceshyness; lack of self-confidence; timidity; ADJ. diffident
championshipposition of champion; defense or support; competition held to determine a champion