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GRE Word List


calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics

The meaning of the word actuarial is calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics.

Random words

arrogancepride; haughtiness; ADJ. arrogant: unpleasantly self-important (with a strong confidence in one's own importance and a lack of respect for other people)
abaselower; degrade; humiliate; make humble; make (oneself) lose self-respect
inauguratebegin formally; install in office; induct into office by a formal ceremony; N. inauguration; ADJ. inaugural
composuremental calmness
transmutetransform; change; convert to something different
impedimenthindrance; stumbling-block; speech defect preventing clear articulation; Ex. speech impediment
etymologystudy of word parts; study of the origins of words
pedagogueteacher; CF. child leader
enterprisingfull of initiative; showing enterprise
queueline (of waiting people or vehicles)