GRE Word List


self-satisfied; complacent

The meaning of the word smug is self-satisfied; complacent.

Random words

coercionuse of force to get someone to object; compelling; V. coerce
primategroup of mammals including humans
frivolouslacking in seriousness; flippant; self-indulgently carefree; unworthy of serious attention; relatively unimportant; trivial
odysseylong, eventful, adventurous journey
besiegesurround with armed forces; harass (with requests); annoy continually
dichotomydivision into two opposite parts; split; branching into two parts (especially contradictory ones)
curfewregulation requiring all people to leave the streets at stated times; signal (as a bell) announcing the hour of a curfew
subsidesink to a lower level; settle down; sink to the bottom (as a sediment); descend; grow quiet; become less; moderate; abate
galvanizestimulate or shock by an electric current; stimulate by shock; shock into action; stir up; coat with rust-resistant zinc by using electricity