GRE Word List


highly self-satisfied

The meaning of the word smug is highly self-satisfied.

Random words

pastoralof, relating to, or composed of shepherds or herdsmen
embossto raise the surface of into bosses
cerebrationto use the mind : think
tautologicalinvolving or containing rhetorical tautology : redundant
cognitiveof, relating to, being, or involving conscious intellectual activity (such as thinking, reasoning, or remembering)
exhilaratingcausing strong feelings of happy excitement and elation : thrilling
autopsyan examination of a body after death to determine the cause of death or the character and extent of changes produced by disease
effulgentradiant splendor : brilliance
exertionthe act or an instance of exerting
paradoxone (such as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases