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GRE Word List


slight knowledge; small scattered number or amount; Ex. smattering of German

The meaning of the word smattering is slight knowledge; small scattered number or amount; Ex. smattering of German.

Random words

rolling(of land) rising and falling in long gentle slopes; happening continuously by stages; Ex. rolling devolution of power to local governments
plauditpraise; enthusiastic approval; round(succession or series) of applause; ADJ. plauditory; CF. applaud
spuriousfalse; counterfeit; forged; illogical; Ex. spurious arguments
travailstrenuous work; toil; painful labor; labor of childbirth
precipicecliff; dangerous position; Ex. on the edge of the precipice
spasmodicfitful; periodic; of or like a spasm; N. spasm: sudden involuntary muscular contraction; sudden burst of energy or emotion
flutedhaving vertical parallel grooves (as in a pillar); V. flute: make long parallel inward curves in; N. flute: long rounded groove incised on the shaft of a column
opportunetimely; well-chosen
gush(of liquid) pour out in large quantities from a hole; make an excessive display of feeling (without true feeling); Ex. Blood gushed from the wound.
convokecall together; Ex. convoke Parliament; N. convocation

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