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GRE Word List


remove the sex organs (of a male animal or person)

The meaning of the word castrate is remove the sex organs (of a male animal or person).

Random words

inductplace formally in office; install; admit as a member; initiate; N. induction: inducting; process of deriving general principles from particular facts
compactagreement; contract; ADJ: tightly packed; firm; brief; concise; Ex. compact statement
loomappear or take shape (usually in an enlarged, indistinct, or distorted form); Ex. The shadow of the gallows loomed threateningly. N: apparatus for making thread into cloth
forlornsad and lonely; wretched; desolate
barbsharp projection from fishhook, arrow, or other object; openly cutting remark
enjoincommand; order; forbid
sardonicscornfully mocking; disdainful; sarcastic; cynical; Ex. sardonic smile
matineedramatic or musical performance given in the afternoon
impeachcharge (a public official) with crime in office; raise doubts about; indict; Ex. impeach a witness's credibility
marreddamaged; disfigured; V. mar: spoil; disfigure