GRE Word List


an insulting or disparaging remark or innuendo : aspersion

The meaning of the word slur is an insulting or disparaging remark or innuendo : aspersion.

Random words

egotisticalcharacterized by egotism : having, showing, or arising from an exaggerated sense of self-importance
lilliputianof, relating to, or characteristic of the Lilliputians or the island of Lilliput
cavilto raise trivial and frivolous objection
decolletewearing a strapless or low-necked dress
adversitya state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune
maneuvera military or naval movement
legatoin a manner that is smooth and connected (as between successive tones)
finitehaving definite or definable limits
loftan upper room or floor : attic
condoneto regard or treat (something bad or blameworthy) as acceptable, forgivable, or harmless