GRE Word List


irritable; easily angered

The meaning of the word irascible is irritable; easily angered.

Random words

vanguardforerunners; foremost position of an army; advance forces; foremost position in a trend or movement; CF. rearguard
regimentmilitary unit; V: subject to strict order; Ex. regimented society
dispensedistribute; prepare and give out (medicines); N. dispensation: dispensing; religious system; official exemption from an obligation or a rule
baneposion; cause of ruin; ADJ. baneful: harmful; poisonous
glutoverstock; fill beyond capacity (with food); fill to excess; N: oversupply
conjecturesurmise; guess; V.
unequivocalplain; clear; obvious
quarantineisolation of a person, place, or ship to prevent spread of infection; V: isolate in quarantine
douseplunge into water or liquid; dip; immerse; drench; wet throughly; extinguish; throw water over; dowse