GRE Word List


a large number

The meaning of the word slew is a large number.

Random words

frictionthe rubbing of one body against another
jaundicedaffected with or as if with jaundice
stanzaa division of a poem consisting of a series of lines arranged together in a usually recurring pattern of meter and rhyme : strophe
pineany of a genus (Pinus of the family Pinaceae, the pine family) of coniferous evergreen trees that have slender elongated needles and include some valuable timber trees and ornamentals
hema border of a cloth article doubled back and stitched down
stockadea line of stout posts set firmly to form a defense
beneficentdoing or producing good
pestlea usually club-shaped implement for pounding or grinding substances in a mortar see mortar illustration
astigmatisma defect of an optical system (such as a lens) causing rays from a point to fail to meet in a focal point resulting in a blurred and imperfect image