GRE Word List


loathe; hate

The meaning of the word abominate is loathe; hate.

Random words

sultry(of weather) hot; sweltering; sensual; voluptuous
ineluctableirresistible; not to be escaped; unavoidable
incarnateendowed with flesh; invested with bodily form; personified; Ex. devil incarnate; V: give bodily form to; embody
portendforetell; presage; be a sign or warning of; N. portent: sign; omen; forewarning
diffidenceshyness; lack of self-confidence; timidity; ADJ. diffident
provisostipulation; condition in an agreement; provision
unwieldyawkward (to carry or move); cumbersome; unmanageable
siftput through a sieve to separate fine from coarse particles; sort or examine carefully
aspirantseeker after position or status
dossierfile of documents on a subject or person; file; CF. bundle of papers labeled on the back