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GRE Word List


evil; ominous

The meaning of the word sinister is evil; ominous.

Random words

discordantnot harmonious; conflicting
glittershine brightly with flashing points of light; Ex. glittering diamond ring; N: sparkling light; attractiveness; glamor; Ex. glitter of the sun on the waves
juggernautirresistible crushing force; overwhelming advancing force that crushes everything in its path
fumblemove the fingers and hands awkwardly (in search of something); mishandle or drop a ball that is in play; bungle; botch; spoil by mishandling; N.
analogysimilarity; parallelism; comparing two similar things
impotentweak; ineffective; lacking in physical strength or power
sledgelarge sled drawn by work animals
manipulateoperate with one's hands; control or play upon (people, forces, etc.) artfully; maneuver; Ex. how to manipulate publicity and men; ADJ. manipulative
gangrenedecay of body tissue caused by insufficient blood supply (usually following injury); ADJ. gangrenous
pathologicalpertaining to disease; N. pathology: study of disease