GRE Word List


sentry; lookout

The meaning of the word sentinel is sentry; lookout.

Random words

inundateflood; overflow; submerge; cover completely; Ex. inundated with work
morguemortuary; place where bodies are kept before burial or cremation
polity(particular form of) political organization; form of government of nation or state; Ex. student polity
knackspecial talent; art
tempermoderate; make less severe; tone down or restrain; toughen (steel) as by alternate heating and cooling
museponder at length; N: source of inspiration (esp. of a poet)
jestplayful remark or act; V. act or speak playfully
provocativearousing anger or sexual interest; annoying; Ex. provocative in tight jeans; V. provoke: incite to anger; cause (an unpleasant action or feeling); N. provocation
bromideplatitude; chemical compound used to calm excitement
reclusehermit; loner; ADJ. reclusive