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GRE Word List


sentry; lookout

The meaning of the word sentinel is sentry; lookout.

Random words

promoteadvance in rank; advance; help to flourish; advocate; help actively in forming; publicize or popularize; Ex. Milk promotes health; Ex. promote a match/bill; Ex. promote a new product
codaconcluding section of a musical or literary composition
hapchance; luck
herpetologistone who studies reptiles; CF. herpetology: branch of zoology that deals with reptiles and amphibians
queasyexperiencing nausea; nauseated; easily nauseated; squeamish; Ex. feel a little queasy
besmirchsoil; defile; make dirty
vixenfemale fox; ill-tempered woman; CF. shrew
proverbadage; someone or something well known for notoriety; ADJ. proverbial: of a proverb; widely known; ADV. proverbially
expatiatetalk at length; speak or write in detail