GRE Word List


someone easily fooled or deceived; V: deceive

The meaning of the word dupe is someone easily fooled or deceived; V: deceive.

Random words

narrativerelated to telling a story; N: narrated account; story; V. narrate: tell (a story); CF. narration
wagebegin and continue (a war)
pasticheimitation of another's style in musical composition or in writing; work of art openly imitating the works of other artists
noisomefoul smelling; very unpleasant; unwholesome
autonomousself-governing; N. autonomy
delvedig; search deeply; investigate
savantscholar; learned person; CF. savoir: know
adjacentadjoining; neighboring; close by
dorsalrelating to the back of an animal; Ex. dorsal fin
anachronisman error involving time in a story; something or someone misplaced in time; ADJ. anachronistic