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GRE Word List


begin and continue (a war)

The meaning of the word wage is begin and continue (a war).

Random words

epilogueshort speech at conclusion of dramatic work
relicsurviving remnant (from an extinct culture); memento; keepsake; relics: corpse; Ex. ancient relics; Ex. relics of his travel; Ex. His relics are buried at X.
carillona set of bells (often in a tower) capable of being played
desperatehaving lost all hope; despairing; reckless and violent because of loss of hope or despair; undertaken as a last resort
dincontinued loud noise; V: make a din; instill by wearying repetition
fitfulspasmodic; intermittent; irregular
sensuousgiving pleasure to the senses; pertaining to the physical senses; operating through the senses; sensuous feeling of soft velvet on the skin
recountnarrate or tell (a story); count over again
lackadaisicallacking interest or effort; lacking purpose or zest; lazy; halfhearted; languid
forebodingpremonition of evil; feeling of coming evil; V. forebode: be a warning of (something unpleasant)