GRE Word List


begin and continue (a war)

The meaning of the word wage is begin and continue (a war).

Random words

shrewscolding woman; very small mouselike animal
scantymeager; insufficient
consanguinitykinship; relationship by birth
randomwithout definite purpose, plan, or aim; haphazard; Ex. random shots; Ex. chosen at random
palatialof or suitable for a palace; magnificent
disparitydifference; condition of inequality; OP. parity
masochistperson who enjoys his own pain; CF. masochism
exodusdeparture (of a large number of people)
cloyingdistasteful (because excessive); excessively sweet or sentimental; V. cloy: become unpleasant through too much sweetness or excess
peddletravel about selling (wares); CF. foot