GRE Word List


pithy; terse; concise; aphoristic

The meaning of the word sententious is pithy; terse; concise; aphoristic.

Random words

unearthlynot earthly; supernatural; weird; ghostly
captiontitle; chapter heading; text under illustration
disinterdig up; unearth; OP. inter
unimpeachablethat cannot be impeached; beyond doubt or question; blameless and exemplary
integrityhonesty; uprightness; wholeness; state of being whole and undivided; completeness
shacklechain; fetter; confine with shackles; N.
pert(esp. of a girl or young woman) impertinent; forward; trim; jaunty; Ex. pert young miss/hat
estimable(of a person) worthy of esteem; admirable; deserving esteem; possible to estimate
snivelcomplain or whine tearfully; run at the nose; snuffle; Ex. Don't come back sniveling to me.
inveigledeceive; lead astray by deception; wheedle(cajole); Ex. inveigle her into joining the club; CF. interest dishonestly