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GRE Word List


act stupidly; play the fool; N.

The meaning of the word clown is act stupidly; play the fool; N..

Random words

adulationflattery; admiration that is more than is necessary or deserved
toadyservile flatterer; yes man; sycophant; V: be a toady to; fawn
tactskill or sensitivity in dealing with people without causing offence
enfranchiseadmit to the rights of citizenship (especially the right to vote); CF. franchise
wearytired after long work; V.
subjugateconquer; bring under control
allureentice; attract; tempt
stentorian(of the voice) extremely loud; CF. Stentor: a loud herald in the Iliad
valedictorypertaining to farewell; N: farewell address (esp. at graduation exercises)