GRE Word List


nourishing substance; ADJ: providing nourishment

The meaning of the word nutrient is nourishing substance; ADJ: providing nourishment.

Random words

screechunpleasant high sharp sound; shriek; V.
denouncecondemn; criticize; N. denunciation
exceptionableobjectionable; likely to cause dislike; offensive; CF. unexceptionable: entirely acceptable
piquantpleasantly tart-tasting; spicy; pleasantly stimulating; Ex. piquant situation when my old enemy asked for my help
significantexpressing a meaning; important; Ex. significant smile; N. significance: importance; meaning; V. signify: denote; mean; signal; make known; matter; be significant
apprehensivefearful; discerning
conglomerationmass of material sticking together
bedizendress with vulgar finery
grievancecause of complaint; complaint
repugnancedisgust; strong dislike; loathing; ADJ. repugnant: arousing disgust; repulsive