GRE Word List


deep regret for wrongdoing; guilt; self-reproach

The meaning of the word remorse is deep regret for wrongdoing; guilt; self-reproach.

Random words

peripateticwalking about from place to place (to work); moving; Ex. peripatetic school of philosophy
shirkavoid (responsibility, work, etc.); malinger
ardorheat; passion; zeal; ADJ. ardent
expertisespecialized knowledge (in a particular field); expert skill
engagedemployed; busy; betrothed; involved in conflict
smartintelligent; quick and energetic; fashionable; Ex. smart pace/restaurant; V: cause or feel a sharp pain; N: smarting pain
leashrestraining rope fastened to the collar of an animal (to control it); Ex. a dog on a leash
transmutetransform; change; convert to something different
foolhardyrash; reckless; foolishly daring
favoritismdisplay of partiality toward a favored person