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GRE Word List


monkeylike; N: ape or monkey

The meaning of the word simian is monkeylike; N: ape or monkey.

Random words

impedehide; retard or obstruct the progress of; block
plaitbraid; interwine; interweave strands or lengths of; make by weaving strands together; Ex. plaited hair; N: braided length as of hair o fabric; CF. pigtail, ponytail
jingoistextremely aggressive and militant patriot; warlike chauvinist; N. jingoism: extreme nationalism
blasebored with pleasure or dissipation; uninterested or bored
declivitydownward slope
nicetyprecision; accuracy; minute distinction or difference; Ex. to a nicety: exactly; precisely; Ex. distinguish between niceties
languidlacking energy or vitality; weary; sluggish; listless
seminaryschool for training future ministers; secondary school, especially for young women
referendumdirect vote by all the people