GRE Word List


to pulsate or pound with abnormal force or rapidity

The meaning of the word throb is to pulsate or pound with abnormal force or rapidity.

Random words

vipera common Eurasian venomous snake (Vipera berus) that attains a length of about two feet (0.6 meter), varies in color from red, brown, or gray with dark markings to black, and is usually not fatal to humans
conjugalof or relating to the married state or to married persons and their relations : connubial
petulantinsolent or rude in speech or behavior
gaffea social or diplomatic blunder
antidotea remedy to counteract the effects of poison
retrenchcut down
recountto relate in detail : narrate
assailto attack violently : assault
inclineto bend the head or body forward : bow
knacka special ready capacity that is hard to analyze or teach