GRE Word List


restore to a previous condition or position

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The meaning of the word reinstate is restore to a previous condition or position.

Random words

plumefeather, esp. large or showy one; something that rises into the air (like the shape of a feather); Ex. plume of smoke:
muralwall painting
inarticulatespeechless; producing indistinct speech; not articulate; not expressing oneself clearly
hideousrepulsive to the sight; ugly; repugnant; Ex. hideous face/scream
leavenadd leaven to; cause to rise or grow lighter; enliven; N: agent, such as yeast, that causes dough to rise (by fermentation); element that lightens or enlivens
overwhelm(of water) cover completely; defeat completely by much greater force; Ex. overwhelmed by grief
gratuitousgiven freely; unwarranted; uncalled for; done without good reason; Ex. gratuitous comment
profligatewasteful (of money); dissipated; wildly immoral; dissolute; N: profligate person; N. profligacy
supplicantone who supplicates; ADJ.