GRE Word List


to think about and revolve in the mind beforehand

The meaning of the word premeditate is to think about and revolve in the mind beforehand.

Random words

sextantan instrument for measuring angular distances used especially in navigation to observe altitudes of celestial bodies (as in ascertaining latitude and longitude)
pineany of a genus (Pinus of the family Pinaceae, the pine family) of coniferous evergreen trees that have slender elongated needles and include some valuable timber trees and ornamentals
cadavera dead body
rabidextremely violent : furious
parasitean organism living in, on, or with another organism in order to obtain nutrients, grow, or multiply often in a state that directly or indirectly harms the host (see host
underhandin a clandestine manner
fathoma unit of length equal to six feet (1.83 meters) used especially for measuring the depth of water
aboriginalbeing the first or earliest known of its kind present in a region