GRE Word List



The meaning of the word regale is entertain.

Random words

acidulousslightly sour (in taste or manner); sharp; caustic
hiatusgap; pause; gap or interruption in space or time; break
traduceexpose to slander
sonicof sound or its speed in air; CF. subsonic, supersonic
providentproviding for future needs; displaying foresight; thrifty; preparing for emergencies; OP. improvident
prepossessingattractive; CF. preoccupying ?
blemishmar; spoil the beauty or perfection of; N: flaw or defect (that spoils perfection); Ex. blemishes in the crystal; CF. unblemished
sadisticinclined to cruelty; N. sadism: delight in cruelty
parleyconference (between opponents); CF. speak
symbiosisinterdependent relationship (between groups, species) often mutually beneficial; ADJ. symbiotic; CF. together + life