GRE Word List


full of knots or gnarls : knotty

The meaning of the word gnarled is full of knots or gnarls : knotty.

Random words

exquisitemarked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution
causalexpressing or indicating cause : causative
emolumentthe returns arising from office or employment usually in the form of compensation or perquisites
saccharineof, relating to, or resembling that of sugar
irretrievablenot retrievable : impossible to regain or recover
liquidateto determine by agreement or by litigation the precise amount of (indebtedness, damages, or accounts)
dutifulfilled with or motivated by a sense of duty
aloftat or to a great height
floutto treat with contemptuous disregard : scorn
pacifyto allay the anger or agitation of : soothe