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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word onerous is burdensome.

Random words

divineperceive intuitively (by or as if by magic); foresee the future; foretell; dowse; ADJ. N. divination
imbalancelack of balance or symmetry; disproportion
benevolentgenerous; charitable; having a wish to do good
moribunddying; at the point of death; CF. death
sardonicscornfully mocking; disdainful; sarcastic; cynical; Ex. sardonic smile
misanthropeone who hates mankind; misanthropist
chaoticin utter disorder
restiveimpatiently restless (induced by external coercion or restriction); restlessly impatient; obstinately resisting control; Ex. restive horses because of wolves; CF. not a general synonym for `restless'
maceratesoften by soaking in liquid; waste away; Ex. macerate powdered wood to make paper
snickerhalf-stifled(suppressed) laugh; V.