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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word deranged is insane.

Random words

precinctdivision of a city for election or police purposes; precincts: space that surrounds a building; Ex. precincts of the college
digressionwandering away from the subject; V. digress
viperpoisonous snake
protocoldiplomatic etiquette; ceremony and etiquette observed by diplomats; first copy of a treaty before its ratification; Ex. Protocol demands that the queen meet him at the airport.
polaritystate of having two opposite qualities
trepidationfear; nervous apprehension
reprobatemorally disapproved person; person hardened in sin, devoid of a sense of decency; CF. disapproved by God ?
gastronomyart and science of preparing and serving good food; CF. gastronome
cryptsecret recess or vault usually used for burial; underground room (under a church)