GRE Word List


bizzare; peculiar; unconventional

The meaning of the word outlandish is bizzare; peculiar; unconventional.

Random words

litheflexible; supple; CF. limber
siftput through a sieve to separate fine from coarse particles; sort or examine carefully
tessellatedmosaic; inlaid; Ex. tessellated pattern
expositoryexplanatory; serving to explain; N. exposition: explaining; exhibition
crescendoincrease in the volume or intensity as in a musical passage; climax; CF. crescent
amityfriendship; peaceful relationship as between nations
rife(of something bad) widespread; abundant; current
emissaryagent (sent on a mission to represent another); messenger
dynamicenergetic; vigorously active
indiscriminatechoosing at random; confused; not based on careful distinctions