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GRE Word List


dramatic or musical performance given in the afternoon

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word matinee is dramatic or musical performance given in the afternoon.

Random words

amblewalking at an easy unhurried pace; V: walk slowly and aimlessly
slackenslow up; loosen; make or become slack
replicatereproduce; duplicate
dotagesenility; feeblemindedness of old age; Ex. In one's dotage
palpitatethrob; beat rapidly; flutter; tremble; Ex. Her heart began to palpitate.
loftroom or space under the roof; attic
importsignificance; importance; meaning
discrepancylack of consistency or agreement as between facts; difference; Ex. discrepancy between two descriptions
bunglemismanage; blunder; botch; blow; spoil by clumsy behavior
exculpateclear from blame or guilt