GRE Word List


irritate; fester; annoy

The meaning of the word rankle is irritate; fester; annoy.

Random words

lumbermove heavily or clumsily; Ex. The bear lumbered through the woods; N: timber
aviaryenclosure for birds; large cage
rivuletsmall stream; CF. rill < rivulet < river
ecologistperson concerned with the interrelationship between living organisms and their environment; person concerned with the detrimental effects of human civilization on the environment; CF. ecology
virtualin essence; existing in essence though not in actual form; for practical purposes; Ex. virtual ruler/space
ulteriorintentionally hidden; beyond what is evident; situated beyond; unstated and often questionable; Ex. ulterior motive
mosaicpicture made of small colorful inlaid tiles; ADJ.
clichephrase dulled in meaning by repetition; platitude; ADJ. cliched
qualifiedlimited; restricted; V. qualify: limit the meaning of; modify