GRE Word List


irritate; fester; annoy

The meaning of the word rankle is irritate; fester; annoy.

Random words

annuityyearly allowance
axiomself-evident truth requiring no proof
impertinentinsolent; rude; not pertinent; N. impertinence
effectualable to produce a desired effect; valid
reciterepeat aloud (something learned); describe; Ex. recite his complaints; N. recitation
subtletyperceptiveness; ingenuity; delicacy; ADJ. subtle: delicate; so slight as to be difficult to detect; able to make fine distinctions; clever; Ex. subtle mind/differences in meaning
reminiscencerecollection; V. reminisce: recollect the past
mettlecourage (to continue bravely in spite of difficulties); spirit; ADJ. mettlesome
precipitoussteep; overhasty; precipitate
passivenot active; acted upon; receiving an action without acting in return; accepting without resistance