GRE Word List


cower; shrink back in fear; lose heart

The meaning of the word quail is cower; shrink back in fear; lose heart.

Random words

resurgerise again; flow to and fro; N. resurgence; ADJ. resurgent: (of ideas or beliefs) experiencing revival; surging again
scuttlesink (a ship) by cutting holes in the hull; scrap; discard; N: small hatch in a ship's deck or hull
preternaturalbeyond what is normal in nature; supernatural; Ex. preternatural strength/forces
episodic(of a story or play) loosely connected; made up of separate and loosely connected parts; N. episode: incident in the course of an experience
depositiontestimony under oath; deposing; dethroning
vestigetrace; remains; Ex. vestiges of some ancient religion
victualsfood; provisions; V. victual: provide with food
enraptureplease intensely; fill with rapture and delight
huecolor; aspect; Ex. opinions of every hue
kneadmix; work dough; mix and work into a uniform mass (with the hands); Ex. knead dough