GRE Word List


existing at the beginning (of time); rudimentary

The meaning of the word primordial is existing at the beginning (of time); rudimentary.

Random words

belaborharp on; dwell on tediously; explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally; beat severely; attack physically
meretriciousflashy; tawdry; attractive on the surface but of no real value; Ex. metericious argument/jewel; CF. prostitute
ignominydeep disgrace; shame or dishonor; ADJ. ignominious; Ex. ignominous defeat
ascertainfind out for certain; make certain
doggerelpoor verse
germinatecause to sprout; sprout
squelchproduce a splashing sound (when stepping through mud); crush; squash; CF. ΑψΘλΐ» ΐ§Ώ‘Ό­ Ήβΐ» Ά§
championshipposition of champion; defense or support; competition held to determine a champion
pitfallhidden danger; concealed trap
epicureconnoisseur of food and drink; gourmet; ADJ. epicurean; CF. Epicurus