GRE Word List


without deceit

The meaning of the word guileless is without deceit.

Random words

pasticheimitation of another's style in musical composition or in writing; work of art openly imitating the works of other artists
itinerantwandering; traveling from place to place (to perform work); Ex. itinerant preacher
omnipotentall-powerful; having unlimited power
profaneviolate; desecrate (something holy); treat unworthily; be profane for; ADJ: secular; nonreligious; irreverent for holy things
incendiaryarsonist; ADJ: causing fire; of arson; Ex. incendiary bomb
condignadequate; (of punishment) severe and well deserved
homilysermon; tedious moralizing lecture; serious warning; ADJ. homiletic
tensionstretching; condition of being stretched; mental strain; strained relationship between groups or people
puddinghot sweet dish
laymanman who is not a cleric; man who is nonprofessional