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GRE Word List


authorized agent; authority to act for another

Spring Vocabulary In English

The meaning of the word proxy is authorized agent; authority to act for another.

Random words

stipendpay for services
trimmake neat or tidy by clipping; reduce by removing what is unnecessary; ornament; decorate (round the edges); Ex. trim the cost; Ex. jacket trimmed with fur; N. ADJ: tidy; in good order
lucremoney; profit; Ex. filthy lucre
inveteratedeep-rooted; habitual; CF. grow old
dyspepticsuffering from indigestion; N. dyspepsia: indigestion; difficulty in digesting food
disquisitionformal systematic inquiry; explanation of the results of a formal inquiry; long formal speech or written report
gadflyanimal-biting fly; irritating person
consortassociate with; keep company; N: husband or wife (or a ruler)
wrongheadedstubbornly wrong
galewindstorm; gust of wind; emotional outburst (laughters, tears); Ex. gale of laughter