GRE Word List


to talk long and idly : chatter

The meaning of the word prate is to talk long and idly : chatter.

Random words

preamblean introductory statement
vexto bring trouble, distress, or agitation to
effectiveproducing a decided, decisive, or desired effect
adornto enhance the appearance of especially with beautiful objects
philatelista specialist in philately : one who collects or studies stamps
obduratestubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
enraptureto fill with delight
torpedoa weapon for destroying ships by rupturing their hulls below the waterline: such as
ordeala primitive means used to determine guilt or innocence by submitting the accused to dangerous or painful tests believed to be under supernatural control
advocacythe act or process of supporting a cause or proposal : the act or process of advocating (see advocate