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GRE Word List


powerful; convincing; persuasive; greatly influential

The meaning of the word potent is powerful; convincing; persuasive; greatly influential.

Random words

rapturegreat joy and delight; ecstasy; ADJ. rapturous
agglomerationcollection; heap; V. agglomerate: gather into a rounded mass; N. aggolmeate: jumbled mass; heap
orthographycorrect spelling; CF. ortho-: straight; correct; Ex. orthodontics
dribbleflow or fall in drops; let saliva flow out slowly from the mouth; move a ball; N.
expertisespecialized knowledge (in a particular field); expert skill
quandarydilemma; state of uncertainty; Ex. She is in a quandary about whether to go.
premonitoryserving to warn
actuarysomeone who advises insurance companies
incriminateaccuse of or implicate in a crime; serve as evidence against; cause to seem or make guilty of a crime; Ex. incriminating evidence