GRE Word List


commit an offense; do (something wrong)

The meaning of the word perpetrate is commit an offense; do (something wrong).

Random words

plasterpaste that hardens to a smooth solid and is used for coating walls; V.
slickmake smooth or glossy; N: smooth surface; Ex. oil slick; ADJ: smooth; glossy; deftly executed; adroit; glib
doldrumsblues; listlessness(lack of spirit or energy); slack(inactive) period; period of stagnation; ocean area near the equator where ships cannot move because there is no wind; Ex. in the doldrums
homagehonor; tribute; great respect; Ex. pay/do homage to
slightinsult to one's dignity; snub; V: treat as if of small importance; insult; snub; ADJ. small in size; of small importance
apertureopening; hole; adjustable opening in a camera that limits the amount of light
adroitskillful (in using mind or hand)
determinationresolve; firmness of purpose; measurement or calculation; decision
inquisitorquestioner (especially harsh); investigator; person making an inquisition
manneredaffected; not natural; Ex. mannered way of speech