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GRE Word List


egg-shaped; CF. ovum; CF. ovulate

The meaning of the word ovoid is egg-shaped; CF. ovum; CF. ovulate.

Random words

phylummajor classification, second to kingdom, of plants and animals; category ranking below a kingdom and above a class; division
entrepreneurbusinessperson (who assumes the risk of a business venture); contractor; ADJ. entrepreneurial
ghastlyhorrible; terrifying; resembling ghosts; CF. aghast
convergeapproach; tend to meet; come together
leoninelike a lion
nomadicwandering; N. nomad: tribe who migrates from place to place
gruffrough-mannered; (of a voice) rough; hoarse
championsupport militantly; fight for; N: person who fights for or supports strongly (a principle, movement, person, etc.)
cardinalchief; most important; N: priest; cardinal number: number that shows quantity rather thatn order
exorcisedrive out evil spirits