GRE Word List


to split up into branches or constituent parts

The meaning of the word ramify is to split up into branches or constituent parts.

Random words

collateralproperty (such as securities) pledged by a borrower to protect the interests of the lender
jibeto be in accord : agree
importunatetroublesomely urgent : overly persistent in request or demand
narrativesomething that is narrated : story
acquittala setting free from the charge of an offense by verdict, sentence, or other legal process
dupeone that is easily deceived or cheated : fool
avuncularsuggestive of an uncle especially in kindliness or geniality
shystera person who is professionally unscrupulous especially in the practice of law or politics : pettifogger
grudgeto be unwilling to give or admit : give or allow reluctantly or resentfully