GRE Word List


amuse; Ex. disport oneself; CF. divert

The meaning of the word disport is amuse; Ex. disport oneself; CF. divert.

Random words

conceptionbeginning; forming of an idea; fertilization; V. conceive: form an idea in the mind; devise; become pregnant; CF. inception
lugubriousmournful; sorrowful
fraughtfilled (with something unpleasant); full; Ex. fraught with danger and difficulties; CF. freight
dissuadepersuade not to do; discourage; N. dissuasion
rammale sheep; V. strike or drive against with a heavy impact
appurtenancessubordinate possessions; something added to a more important thing
reckoncount; calculate; regard as; think; suppose
bruntmain impact or shock (of an attack or blow); Ex. brunt of the argument
loutclumsy person; ADJ. loutish; CF. from countrysides ?
masonone who builds or works with stone or brick; N. masonry: work of a mason; stonework or brickwork