GRE Word List


something that brings disgrace

The meaning of the word opprobrium is something that brings disgrace.

Random words

disheartento cause to lose hope, enthusiasm, or courage : to cause to lose spirit or morale
inalienableincapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred
roseateresembling a rose especially in color
meekenduring injury with patience and without resentment : mild
mutinousdisposed to or being in a state of mutiny : rebellious
devoidbeing without a usual, typical, or expected attribute or accompaniment
banka mound, pile, or ridge raised above the surrounding level: such as
whiffa quick puff or slight gust especially of air, odor, gas, smoke, or spray
derivativea word formed from another word or base : a word formed by derivation
docketa brief written summary of a document : abstract