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GRE Word List


social blunder

The meaning of the word gaffe is social blunder.

Random words

infernalpertaining to hell; devilish; N. inferno: place of fiery heat or destruction
run-down(of a place) dilapidated; in a bad condition; (of a person) weak or exhausted
misanthropeone who hates mankind; misanthropist
prevalentwidespread; generally accepted
susceptibleimpressionable; easily influenced; sensitive; having little resistance as to a disease; likely to suffer; receptive to; capable of accepting; Ex. susceptible to persuasion/colds; Ex. The agreement is not susceptible of alteration; N. susceptibility
woegreat sorrow; deep inconsolable grief; affliction; suffering; Ex. financial woes
insularitynarrow-mindedness; isolation; ADJ. insular: of an island; isolated; narrow-minded; CF. peninsula
advocatespeak in favor of; support (an idea or plan); urge; plead for
immobilitystate of being immovable