GRE Word List


essential; inherent; built-in

The meaning of the word intrinsic is essential; inherent; built-in.

Random words

prevailbe widespread; triumph over; gain victory; prevail on: persuade; induce; Ex. Justice has prevailed; Ex. prevail on someone to do something
soliloquytalking to oneself (esp. in a play); CF. monologue: soliloquy; long speech by one person (often monopolizing a conversation)
compartmentone of the parts into which an enclosed space is divided
conjurecause to appear by magic; summon (a devil or a spirit) by magical power; practice magic (esp. by very quick movement of the hands); evoke; conjure up: bring into the mind; Ex. The magician conjured a rabbit out of his hat.
opportunetimely; well-chosen
supercilioushaughty; arrogant; condescending; patronizing; CF. eyebrow, cilium
inconsequentialinsignificant; unimportant
harassannoy by repeated attacks
nibbeak(bill); pen point
decrepitweak and in bad condition from old age or hard use; Ex. decrepit old chair/man