GRE Word List


cause to become sick; fill with disgust; fill nausea

The meaning of the word nauseate is cause to become sick; fill with disgust; fill nausea.

Random words

sensuousgiving pleasure to the senses; pertaining to the physical senses; operating through the senses; sensuous feeling of soft velvet on the skin
perjuryfalse testimony while under oath; V. perjure oneself: testify falsely under oath
incongruitylack of harmony; absurdity; ADJ. incongruous: lacking in harmony; inappropriate
complicityparticipation; involvement (in a questionable act or a crime)
anchorsecure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place; N. anchorage
balmsomething that relieves pain; oily liquid with a pleasant smell from trees
precisabstract; concise summing up of main points; concise summary of a text
effusionpouring forth; unrestrained outpouring of feeling; V. effuse: pour out; ADJ. effusive: pouring forth; gushing
effronteryrudeness without any sense of shame; shameless boldness; presumptousness; nerve; cheek
uproarnoisy confusion