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GRE Word List


mental calmness

The meaning of the word composure is mental calmness.

Random words

couplejoin; unite; OP. uncouple
ingeniousmarked by inventive skill; clever; resourceful; N. ingenuity
confidetell in confidence (to a person one trusts); be confident about
scintillatesparkle; flash; be animated; be full of life; Ex. scintillating conversation
bereavementstate of being deprived of something valuable or beloved; state of being bereaved or bereft
voyeurPeeping Tom; person who derives sexual gratification from observing the sexual acts of others
temporizegain time as by postponing an action; avoid committing oneself
stoopbend forward and down; lower or debase oneself; fall to a lower standard of behavior by doing something; condescend; Ex. stoop to lying
aromaticfragrant; having a sweet smell; N. aroma: strong pleasant smell
taxonomistspecialist in classifying (animals, etc.); CF. taxonomy: science of classification