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GRE Word List


undertaker; CF. death

The meaning of the word mortician is undertaker; CF. death.

Random words

chaseornament a metal surface by indenting; follow rapidly to catch
frictionclash or conflict in opinion; rubbing against
oathsolemn promise; blasphemous use of sacred words to express strong feelings; swear-word; Ex. ``For Christ's sake''
fraybrawl; fight; V: wear away or unravel by rubbing; have loose threads developing; cause to become worn out (a person's temper or nerves); CF. rub
haunt(of a spirit) visit (a place); come to mind continually; visit (a place) regularly; frequent; Ex. haunted house; Ex. haunted by his last words; N: place much frequented
vilifyslander; speak evil of; N. vilification
cynosureobject of general attention; person or thing that is a center of attention; CF. Ursa Minor
prosodyart of versification; study of the metrical structure of verse
implysuggest a meaning not expressed; signify
polygamistone who has more than one spouse at a time; CF. bigamy; CF. polyandry