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GRE Word List


slingshot; hurling machine; V: fire from catapult

The meaning of the word catapult is slingshot; hurling machine; V: fire from catapult.

Random words

tightwadmiser; excessively frugal person
runicmysterious; set down in an ancient alphabet; N. rune: one of the letters of an alphabet used by ancient Germanic peoples (cut on stone or wood); magic charm
incarnateendowed with flesh; invested with bodily form; personified; Ex. devil incarnate; V: give bodily form to; embody
splicejoin together end to end to make one continuous length; fasten together; unite; Ex. splice two strips of tape; N.
intangiblenot able to be perceived by touch; vague
appreciatebe thankful for; increase in worth; be thoroughly conscious of; ADJ. appreciable: enough to be felt; Ex. appreciable difference
catcallshout of disapproval or displeasure (made at the theater or a sports match); boo; V.
lopegallop slowly
matriarchwoman who rules a family or larger social group