GRE Word List


fashionable; conforming to the current fashion

The meaning of the word modish is fashionable; conforming to the current fashion.

Random words

infractionviolation (of a rule or regulation); breach
emulateimitate; rival; try to equal or excel (through imitation)
mongrelplant or animal (esp. a dog) of mixed breed; ADJ.
insatiablenot easily satisfied; unquenchable; Ex. insatiable appetite
irrelevantnot applicable; unrelated
transparentpermitting light to pass through freely; easily detected; obvious; clear; Ex. transparent lie
dissipatesquander; waste foolishly; scatter
fleecewool coat of a sheep; V: shear the fleece from; rob by a trick; swindle; plunder
inviolablesecure from corruption, attack, or violation(or profanation); unassailable; Ex. inviolable oath/rights; N. inviolability
inestimableimpossible to estimate; (apprec) invaluable; of immeasurable worth