GRE Word List


vigor and strength of spirit or temperament (see temperament

The meaning of the word mettle is vigor and strength of spirit or temperament (see temperament.

Random words

carnalrelating to or given to crude bodily pleasures and appetites
mongrelan individual resulting from the interbreeding of diverse breeds (see breed
unintimidatingnot causing a feeling of fear or timidity : not intimidating
carpingmarked by or inclined to querulous and often perverse criticism
potpourria mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that is usually kept in a jar and used for scent
visceralfelt in or as if in the internal organs of the body : deep
laggardlagging or tending to lag : slow especially compared to others of the same kind
shuntto turn off to one side : shift
analgesican agent producing diminished sensation to pain without loss of consciousness : a drug that is used to relieve pain and produce analgesia
scorchto burn a surface of so as to change its color and texture