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GRE Word List


a great quantity; Ex. scads of clothes

The meaning of the word scad is a great quantity; Ex. scads of clothes.

Random words

polarizesplit into opposite extremes or camps
bombardmentattack (as with missiles or bombs); V. bombard
hirsutehairy; having a lot of hair
disputatiousargumentative; fond of argument
suppleflexible; limber; pliant
epigramwitty thought or saying, usually short
anthropologiststudent of the history and science of humankind
salvagerescue (goods or property) from loss; N: saving; property saved
ratiocinationreasoning; act of drawing conclusions from premises; V. ratiocinate: reason logically
compliantreadily acting in accordance with a rule, order, or the wishes or others; yielding; comforming to requirements